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Leica Proveo

Never look back

Seeing the eye in microscopic detail, operating with absolute clarity… it makes you wonder if the ophthalmic microscope has reached its technological zenith; whether performance could possibly be improved, or cataract surgery made any more precise… it is hard to imagine.

Then, along comes Proveo 8 from Leica.

The Proveo 8 has taken resolution and depth of field to an amazing new level. Using CoAx 4 illumination with ground-breaking FusionOptics technology, the performance of Proveo 8 is simply unsurpassed – it’s almost beyond vision.

It will transform your life as a surgeon.

CoAx 4

CoAx 4 uses four individual beam pathways and two LED lamps, bringing enhanced contrast and a consistent, stable red reflex through all steps of the procedure – critical to pristine cataract surgery. The illumination diameter can also be adjusted (from 4 – 23mm) for optimal alignment in individual patents.

Unique to Proveo 8 and a first for Ophthalmic Microscopy, the surgeon now has two dedicated beam pathways, with one directed to each eye. One beam is optimised to provide outstanding depth of field while the other beam is optimised for absolute resolution. The brain then merges these two optical pathways into a single, texture-rich image that retains both outstanding clarity and incredible depth-of-field, from the retina to the periphery.

Markerless IOL guidance
Through Lieca’s IOLcompass Pro technology, the Proveo 8 also provides digital integration and data transfer with highly accurate topographers (like Cassini). You no longer have to worry about margins of error in using markers.

Each microscopic aspect of the Proveo 8 – ergonomics, performance and compatibility – has been crafted for ease of use and beautiful surgical outcomes. As a surgeon, you will feel completely immersed and totally focused. And you will operate with absolute clarity of vision and mind.

Once you have experienced Proveo 8, you will never look back.