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Tetraflex HD

A true evolution of vision

The Tetraflex HD Accommodating lens is designed to provide enhanced near, intermediate and distance vision with no loss of contrast and fewer halos and glare. Tetraflex HD delivers clearer, safer vision without compromise.

Unmatched accuracy, less dependence on glasses and excellent intermediate and distance vision make the Tetraflex HD the best choice for presbyopic patients.

  • Up to 90% of patients may read newspaper sized print without glasses.
  • Excellent intermediate and distance vision.
  • Less, to no incidences of halo and glare.
  • No neuro adaptation issues from the splitting of light, as with multifocal lenses.
  • Available in 0.25D increments (15.0 to 25.0) with Precision Series manufacturing and labelling and a tolerance of +/-0.11D.
  • Aspheric surface for increased depth of field and improved contrast sensitivity.
  • Easy to implant: standard instrumentation and incision size.
  • Advantages of UV protection, larger optic and acrylic material when compared with hinged style lenses.
  • Tetraflex HD has a unique anterior angle orientation due to a patented 5° contoured haptic design.
  • Tetraflex HD was designed to use the two forces activated during accommodation — vitreous movement and ciliary swelling — to ensure maximum forward movement for clear near vision as well as shape change of the optic itself.